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Reporting Child Abuse

If you suspect a child is being abused, it’s critical to get them the help he or she needs. Reporting child abuse seems so official. Many people are reluctant to get involved in other families’ lives. Understanding some of the myths behind reporting may help put your mind at ease …

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Managing out of Control Children Without Damaging

Out of control children are children that are no longer under management or direction; unmanageable, unruly or wild. The behavior of such children makes their parents feel out of control and such parents find themselves walking on eggshells so that they don’t “set off” their children. Consequences mean nothing to …

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Everything God made is good and without errors including children, they are God’s own E handiwork, specially and wonderfully made for good purposes. No child is a WITCH, WIZARD, OGBANJE, PROSTITUTE OR USELESS, SENSELESS OR IDIOT. BAD BOY OR BAD GIRL. Stop calling them such names and stop believing the …

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