Everything God made is good and without errors including children, they are God’s own E handiwork, specially and wonderfully made for good purposes. No child is a WITCH, WIZARD, OGBANJE, PROSTITUTE OR USELESS, SENSELESS OR IDIOT. BAD BOY OR BAD GIRL.

Stop calling them such names and stop believing the old traditions that our forefathers believed. We need to let old beliefs away from our thinking especially those ones that are not backed up with the word of God and reality of the new age. Any behaviour or act that poses danger on a child’s safety, well-being, development and dignity either mentally, physically, or emotionally is an ABUSE.
Children are foundations for tomorrow’s building, if the foundation is not well laid, the building cannot stand.

Save them, save our future. If today is destroyed, what will become of them tomorrow! Help a child today rather than spend years repairing an adult. It is your business, my business, our business, to protect every child’s right.


  • Make them participate in every issue that concerns them
  • Old traditional belief can be very harmful to children
  • Don’t force any tradition on them including fasting
  • Give them opportunity to make their own choice
  • Don’t shut them up when they come up with an idea
  • Guide them through every step they want to take
  • Any belief that indicts them over circumstances not caused by them should be discouraged
  • Don’t hold them responsible or natural mischiefs or adversity not known to them
  • Don’t add stigma to their names or identity · Stop inflicting emotional wounds on them because, it doesn’t heal on time



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