Frequently Asked Questions

What is Child Abuse?

Any act of violation of the right of the child. It can be physical by spanking, caning, cutting, chaining, belting, and handcuffing, hurting, wounding, injuring or emotional abuse such as bullying, abusing, shouting down, insulting or sexual abuse such as raping arousing, sensitising, motivating or sexually stimulating expressions. Other times it can be neglect as in not taking good care of the child hawking, child labour, child marriage, roaming about, and lack of provision of good health care, tattered wares, and unkempt appearances, not getting good education or not going to school.

Is he not my child?

He is yours but you don’t have to kill him because he is yours. He has a right to survival established under law.

Are you saying that the child should be left to get spoilt?

No, but beating is not the right form of discipline. Beating does not necessarily change a child from getting spoilt. Beating could make him/her worse.

Did our own parents not punish us?

We cannot repeat the cycle of abuse

You want to spare the rod and spoil the child?

The rod the bible is talking is about direction. The children should be guided, corrected but not

Are we no longer Africans?

We are Africans but African Union came together because of the danger the African Child is exposed to.

Are you saying that we should throw away our culture?

Spanking, caning, abuses etc. are not discipline and it cannot be part of our culture. We should not hide under the canopy of discipline to abuse them. Correction should be done with love.

If you say we should not beat them how then do we correct the child?

You can correct and discipline them with love e.g. benching, stopping them from watching their favourite programme etc. creating naughty corners etc.

How can the children be corrected without beating

The whites don’t beat their children but they still invent so many things that we use. Beating kills the children’s initiatives and expression of their giftings, they become withdrawn and afraid to do things.

You say the girl was sexually abused, what if it was the girl that seduced the man?

Once the girl is under 18, sex cannot be consensual.

What if she is my girlfriend?

She must not be under 18

What if I dealt with the child because she is a witch?

The law does not allow any form of torture and there is no evidence that torturing delivers the witch.

What if the child is out of control?

The parents or guardians should not be out of control in handling a difficult child because you can’t use a rabid dog to fight a mad dog.

What will happen if I beat my child to my satisfaction?

If you are caught you will be jailed under child rights law.

What do you mean by family court?

It is a juvenile court where matters concerning children are handled and judged. A court established under child rights law and is handled by the magistrate assisted by court assessors.

Can I report abuse cases?


How can I do that?

C a l l  T h e s e  N u m b e r s:

08055902175, 08025182731, 08023001646,

on your phone but be sure you are not vindictive.

What if the abuser know that i have reported him/her?

You can report anonymously and if your intention is to save a life, it does not matter how anyone feels.

Which kind yeye law be child right law?

It is for yeye people who cannot control their yeye anger against children.

What if I harass my child without beating him?

Anything like bullying, shouting, molesting, terrorising are all forms of abuse and you can be arrested for it.

Are you saying children should be rude and not obey us again?

No, but children can also be reported when they go out of control and the family court can help discipline the child.

What is Parental rights/ biological rights termination?

It is the total withdrawal of the child from abusive parent and the children legally would be given out to parent who can take care of them.

What is the main point of child rights law?

It is the best interest of the child in all matters.

How do I stop my child from being sexually abused?
  • Sex education
  • Telling them the danger and consequences of exposing their body –
  • Examine your child all the time –
  • Don’t trust your child in the hands of anyone –
  • Let them know their private parts that no one should touch from the public parts –
  • Tell them who can predate them and the baits of the predators’ e.g. sweet, biscuits, chewing gum, telephone set etc.
  • Train them to keep their body from opposite sex.